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Josefine Reisch

* 1987 in Berlin, Germany
She lives and works in Berlin, Germany

In her works, Josefine Reisch examines historical contexts to outline social hierarchies and contemporary interpretations of historiography. She assembles historical moments and figures, similar to a musical medley, and thus questions the value of a cultural heritage. Deploying representational mediums such as trompé-l’œil painting, portraiture and textile, the artist pays special attention to the biography as a genre which illustrates the ambivalent and often fictionalised character of the past. Her works have been on display at Rothschild & Co Zurich, Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden, Galerie Noah Klink Berlin, Kunsthaus NRW and Museum of Modern Art in Ljubljana, among others.

| Works by: Josefine Reisch