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Edition Studie zur Aufmerksamkeit I, 2014/ 2018

Ditone Print and pencil on paper
Hahnemühle Photo Rag Ultrasmooth 305g g/m2,
68,4 x 50,4 cm
Signed, dated and numbered
Editionof 300

The work deals with the structure of attentiveness. The writing process focusses on the model display of past events or imaginary mental states. Starting with one or two arrows drawn on paper, an evolutionary structure is created, always including the prior step in the upcoming, and hereby continuously gaining in intensity

1. Level: 1st arrow pointing into one —› or two directions ‹—›: The starting point and definition of the subject. Time sections: present and future.

2. The first arrow leads to two more, a reaction to what happened before. Keeping up and continuing the direction, the first definition of change, self focus, connection, speed. Also the planned next (3rd to 10th level) is included in every drawing of an arrow. Time sections: present, 1st past and future.

3. Level: every last arrow turns into 2 new arrows. All characteristics of arrows from the past levels are transferred to these new arrows. 4th time sections: present, 1st past, 2nd past and future. 5th time sections: present, 1st past, 2nd past, 3rd past and future…

The notations can be coninued endlessly. Arrows that are not continued represent unfinished thoughts or subjects out of focus of the attentiveness. The timeline is additive. Each arrow is a varation of it’s own past version. The entire image is the sum of all presents, including all pasts. (text: Studio Jorinde Voigt)

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