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Dan Peterman

* 1960 in Minneapolis, USA
He lives and works in Chicago, USA

The American artist Dan Peterman is known for his intensive engagement with ecological and (socio-) economic issues since the 1980s. He pursues a sustained sculptural practice whose quality is strongly characterized by a precise application of the materials employed. Peterman mainly uses style-defining, reprocessed post-consumer plastic, i.e. plastic that has been re-melted after consumer use and molded into massive boards or beams, which the artist obtained from a recycling company experimenting with this material. Peterman is the founder of Blackstone Bicycle Works and Monk Parakeet – experimental educational and curatorial platforms. His installations and sculptures have been shown at Documenta 14 in Athens and Kassel, Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, Venice Biennial, Van Abbe Museum Eindhoven, Kunsthalle Basel, Smart Museum of Art at University of Chicago, among others.

Exhibitions at Klosterfelde Edition:
Love Podium (travel version) (September to November 2018)
Art Berlin 2018 (September 2018)
Accessoires to an Event (February to April 2016)
Exhibitions (September to November 2011)
Dan Peterman (September to November 2009)

| Works by: Dan Peterman