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Hanne Darboven

Ein Jahr: 1970, 2007

September 4 to November 1, 2008
Linienstraße 160, 10115 Berlin

Starting September 4th, 2008, Helga Maria Klosterfelde will be showing Editions by Hanne Darboven at Linienstraße 160 in Berlin.

Hanne Darboven (born 1941, lives in Hamburg-Harburg) is one of the internationally most recognized conceptual artists. Since the 1960s she developes systems to notate and visualize time and hereby links memory and presence.

As the earlier Editions “Weltansichten”, 1990 and the collaged postcard print “Untitled”, 1992, both published by Helga Maria Klosterfelde are also on display, the exhibition includes the recently finished portfolio “Ein Jahr: 1970”, 2007.

In this Edition, the artists returns to her conceptual roots: The 43 sheets and one index in a custom made folder are based on a series of drawings from 1970, which are significantly affected by the minimalistic use of forms characteristic for the early years of her work. Hanne Darboven developes a cubic system of notation that transforms the common gregorian calendar into a particular order arising from a specific logic. By arranging and formally and graphicially inscribing rows of numbers, the data of 1970 is being summarized into checksums, resulting from the index sheet formula: “2 K – 43 K / 00 / No 1 – No 42 / 366”. Hanne Darboven hereby creates graphic equivalients to the otherwise invisible phenomenon of time.

The materiality of the handwritten script in black ink on fine lined paper has been masterly transferred by Hamburg silkscreen printer Thomas Sanmann. The custom made map also includes a collaged portrait of the artist in 1968 in New York.

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photos: Nick Ash
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