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Matt Mullican

Editions and Multiples

November 2nd, 2006 to January 27th, 2007
Linienstraße 160, Berlin
photos: Susanne Ullerich

Since the late 1970s Matt Mullican (born 1951, lives and works in New York City) has been one of the most influential representatives of the US-post conceptualists. He uses different media such as drawing, installation, performance, computer based light boxes and video, i.e., to develop global models the construction of which is visualized in symbols and pictograms. The world as a system of codes is being transformed into an experience of a universal and deeply subjective order.
In 1997, Matt Mullican first developed Untitled for Helga Maria Klosterfelde Edition: Four mouthblown glass balls in a handmade glass box. Number, form and composition of this Multiple reflect Matt Mullicans preoccupation with cosmologic models as each of the glass balls show a different, hand painted pictogram. The glass balls are to be interpreted as a complex composition and a symbol par excellence that is at the same time fragile in its vitreous materiality.

Untitled, 1997, further transforms the above work into five photograms. Using this special photo related technique, popular in surrealism and rarely used by Mullican, results in an emphatic subjective perception in which the visible world of things is strongly alienated.

In addition, this show features a new Edition as work in process. As the artist continuously transforms his oeuvres different artworks, this recent piece will relate to those dating back: Four groups of four prints based on gouaches, each 56 x 43 cm, presented in a foldable frame, will further explore Mullicans complex language of signs in writing and drawing as a source for the cosmological model of the glass balls.

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