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Accessoires to an Event, 1996

Although Dan Peterman’s Accessories to an event draws on the artistic vocabulary of Minimalism, it offers a very different message conceptually. His reduced formal language in fact opposes the early strategies of minimalism as he mostly uses recycled materials. In Accessories to an event, the basic premise of the work is linked to the material from which it is made: post-consumer plastics. An expansive material pathway in which we are all collaborators. The designs involve simple folding table/bench units as well as small pellet-like objects that can be installed as a kind of low-rise floor covering or stacked in a diversity of configurations. Able to function in varying scales and a variety of settings, from the living room or gallery to a public plaza, Dan Peterman invites people to use his sculptures as a base for any social interaction.

Accessoires to an Event, 1996

Reprocessed, post-consumer plastic material and zinc-plated screws
1 foldable table: 38 x 112 x 50 cm
Various floor pallets: 28 x 56 x 12,5 cm and 28 x 28 x 12,5 cm
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Installation view Martin Klosterfelde Gallery, Berlin, 1996

Installation view Helga Maria Klosterfelde Gallery, Hamburg, 1996

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