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untitled 2013 (no thing)

A set of 2 traditional thai kites
Bamboo, paper, string and glue
Two baskets and stones in site specific installation
Dimensions kite one: 170 x 240 cm, kite two: 77 x 88 cm
Signed, numbered and stamped certificate
Edition of 5
Published by H. M. Klosterfelde Edition

The installation “Untitled (NO THING),” 2013, is a variation on “Untitled (THE STATE OF THINGS)”, 2013; in place of the rug, stones are set in front of the two kites and spell out the words “NO THING.” The stones make reference to the ground on which the kites will always land. At the same time, through the semantics of the phrase “No Thing,” they paradoxically deny their own being as things. This paradox is typical of East Asian thought, which tends to focus “not on substance but rather on relationships” (Byung-Chul Han). The string is attached to the stones in one place, preventing the kites from flying away.

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