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Edition Immersion VII, 2018

Ditone Print, gold plated by hand with aluminium, pencil on paper
Hahnemühle Photo Rag Ultrasmooth 305g g/m2
91,4 x 58,9 cm
Signed, dated and numbered
Edition of 100

The creation of Edition Immersion VII (10) can be divided into 9 different actions taken on the paper, defined as single complex layers:

the dying of the whole sheet of paper by bathing in in scarlet red ink. The choice of color represents an enlightened athmosphere.
The drawing on a non-neutral surface (colored instead of white) serves an inner centering.
The whole sheet is covered with foil. A scalpel is used to cut an intuitive form into the foil. It is called a torus or dont. This mathematical shape has the characteristics of a 3-dimensional shape, where the inside is also the outside. It is also the prototype of the human body and a modell of the universe. The philosopher Lacan used such a model to explain his theorie of human desire (Le sujet désirant).
Color pigments are rubbed onto the shape, creating a half-spatial impression. Since the rest of the sheet is covered in foil, the rest of the image remains untouched by this. After, the foil is completely removed from the paper.
The motiv is further worked on with color-strokes using pencils, as a rythmic intervention, structuring the whole image.
Arrows and inscriptions create the level of notations. The elements are put in motion and are also variable in size.
By adding „now-lines“, paths through the this thinking-model are created, implying and testing different readings.
A horizon is added to the work, suggesting different possible viewing angles and defining visible and invisible sections of the work.
Lastly, by adding an aluminum tarsia weaving itself from left to right through the image, the layers are re-organized and the different subjects of the work are emphasized.
(Text: Studio Jorinde Voigt)

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