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Short Story, 1993/2017

3 silkscreen prints on MultiCard 1S 350g paper
Each 45,7 cm x 66 cm
Signed, dated and numbered
Edition of 25
Published by H. M. Klosterfelde Edition

„Short Story“ (1993/2017) recounts an economical and succinct little tale of only three words, ADD, AND, END, exhorting its nine letters to create drama from a verb, a conjunction, and a noun. A minimal, almost subliminal, operation of displacing one letter in each word, allows ADD to systematically transform itself into a brief generic narrative, generating a middle and end out of its simple, unspectacular origin. „Short Story“ first appeared in a text image project titled “(B)coming (A)part” for DU Magazine, Zurich, 1993.

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