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Fiete Stolte

September 8 to November 17, 2012
Potsdamer Straße 97, Berlin

‘Crossed Pencils’, 2012
Approx. 4.5 x 2 x 13.5 cm
In a custom-made box
Certificate signed and numbered
Edition of 10

“Two pencils overlap each other to form an X in the pencil case inside the bag. This overlapping creates a focal center and represents contrariety. I see the X on the one hand as a marking, on the other as an obliteration, a symbol of both presence and absence. The contents are shown on the surface of the case, but beg to be picked up by hand.”

‘Suits’, 2012
2 custom-made suits (each with a jacket and trousers)
Made out of emergency blankets
Approx. 210 x 60 cm
In a custom-made box
Certificate signed and numbered
Edition: 10, I, I, I

“The suits represent a potential encasement for my absent body. Their surfaces enable reflections of the environment and reflections of the inner self. They are two-sided mirrors, and as a pair they constitute a polarity of two extremes. One protects from the cold, while the other protects from heat. The long arms and trouser legs of the tailored suits derive from the material’s original purpose as emergency blankets, their physical logic being subtended by my own”

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