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Letter of Apology.docx, 2014

UV-print on glass, c-print and SD card
29,5 x 21 x 0,5 cm
Edition of 10

A friend of Cécile B. Evans (born 1983) worked as a PA for actor Hugh Jackman during the shooting of an advertisement in Krakow. Beeing very nervous she threw up in a car while sitting next to him. Later she wrote a letter to Mr. Jackman to excuse and explain herself. The letter was sent to Cécile B. Evans for correction and feedback and was never sent to Mr. Jackman. For the edition “Letter of Apology.docx” this letter is silkscreened on the glass of the frame. The c-print inside the frame shows a copyright free image oft the mineral graphite, which is an important component in the production of data storage components. Also, the mineral contains DNA oft the last common ancestor of jellyfish, fish and humans. Mounted onto the c-print is an SD card that contains a digital version of the letter printed onto the glass. When digital files like text documents are copied, the binary code of original and copy, consisting of Ones and Zeros, is never identical, even if the text documents are. Within the Edition of 10 copies of this work, there are 10 different files saved on 10 SD cards, the texts on the glass beeing identical.

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