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Jürgen Drescher

February 26 to April 16, 2011
Potsdamer Str. 97, 10785 Berlin

Starting February 26, 2011, Helga Maria Klosterfelde will show three silkscreen prints by Jürgen Drescher.

The presented works mark self reflectively the tension between pursuit and idleness. The silkscreen print “Karton”, 2007 relates to the aluminum cast sculptures of cardboard packing cases as an important component of Drescher’s work. They are ever replicated in an unfinished way and therefore in their shape – yet – unusable.

The work “Fuß”, 2006 (foot) depicts the drivers leg room in a car. The image shows the ambiguity in relation to gas pedal and brake; the decision of acceleration or coming to a stop is being left open.

“Haken”, 2007 (checkmark) was originally part of a drawing showing the term “Verzichten” (to renounce) which was then checked off as considered but dealt with and finished.

The exhibition continues at Klosterfelde (Potsdamer Straße 93), were Installations and other originals are simultaneously on display.

For further information please contact us.