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Michael Kleine

Heute Ausstellung by Michael Kleine

September 5 to November 7, 2015
Potsdamer Str. 97, 10785 Berlin

Auto, 2015
Leather, colour filter, silk, rope, wood, brass screws
85 x 104 x 130 cm

Hänger, 2015
Iron, lead, aluminium, paint
Approx. 125 x 120 x 36 cm
Unique in a series

Hütte, 2015
Wood, straw, lightbulb
60 x 46 x 35 cm Edition: 5, II

Foto, 2015
Wood, fabric, inkjet on Tecco PM 230
70 x 41 x 17 cm
each Edition: 8, II

In the gallery space on Potsdamerstrasse, five new works by Michael Kleine (*1981) are on show. The artist exhibited at the 2014 abc art berlin contemporary where his performance led visitors through a pitch black room filled with earth and objects.

Michael Kleine has a background working in the theatre. Over the past few years, he has developped plays where space and objects are protagonists on an equal footing. In this way, the object, the prop, can develop a presence irrespective of whether it is an article with a function. Like Michael Kleine’s ‘Ofen’ from 2015, a sort of three dimensional sketch of a stove that has no heating function.

Similarly, ‘Hänger’, 2015, is a sign in the style of old cast iron shop signs, which points more to the principle of signs as it has no inscription. It marks the location where people gather, a semi public space. It entices you off the street and into the gallery and defines the line between outside and inside, like all the other works in the exhibition also do.

In the miniature format ‘Hütten’, 2015, the front wall has been removed, much like a stage. It is not so important for Kleine how we look into the hut, but that we gaze through the small window in the back wall. The artificial, but realistic, scaled light strengthens the illusion of a real hut.

The new photographic works portray documentary style views of Kleine’s theatre pieces. In the images, we see the artist, the performance space and objects. The frames, which are built like small awnings, play with the perspective that is offered to the visitor.

‘Auto’, 2015, invites you to be inside and to look outside. It is a construction that can be folded together, can be accessed and has windows.

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