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What it is like to be what you are not, 1993

The series is based on an Austrian scientists’ research at the end of the 19th century. Here, spiders were exposed to different substances like caffeine, mescalin or LSD in order to study their activity and the affect on the shape of the spiders’ web.

8 of the cutout offset printed postcards depict webs of the same spider under the influence of different drugs. The 9th image – in the middle of the sheet – shows a fly trapped in a web, spun under no influence. This silkscreen edition is printed with a “wet and view” ink that disappears, once it is in contact with water and reappears as it dries.

What it is like to be what you are not, 1993

1 cardboard sheet with nine cutout postcards
49,9 x 34,8 cm
Signed, dated and numbered
Edition of 34
Published by H. M. Klosterfelde Edition
EUR 3.500,– plus VAT, exclusive of framing and montage

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