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Fiete Stolte

* 1979 in Berlin, Germany
He lives and works in Berlin, Germany

Based on a rhythm of his own, Fiete Stolte divides the week into eight days, each with twenty-one hours. This personal way of telling time has informed his work since his beginnings as an artist. His works are experiments in the perception of the self. Observations of himself sleeping, traces of his body, and different processes of mirroring are captured and preserved by the artist in bronze, glass, Polaroids, and installations. Through reversals and erasures, he shows things that had been hitherto unseen, compelling the viewer to engage in a play of the mind, in which both the visible and non-visible are manifested.
– Hotel Absence by Fiete Stolte, Sieveking Verlag

Stolte’s work has been exhibited in venues including Centre Pompidou-Metz, GAK Bremen, Maxim Gorky Theater in Berlin, MOCA Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, III. Moscow Biennial for Young Art, Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade, Nordic Biennial of Contemporary Art in Moss, Reykjavik Art Museum, Strozzina Palazzo Strozzi in Florence and 57th Venice Biennale, among others.

| Works by: Fiete Stolte