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Klaus vom Bruch

* 1952 in Cologne, Germany
He lives and works in Berlin, Germany

After studying at CalArts, the Californian Institute of Arts, Klaus vom Bruch brought a new way of working with images, influenced by new music, to the Rhineland in the 1970’s, where these seeds of images produced by electronic technology fell on fertile land. The WDR studio for electronic music in Cologne was known at the time as the epicentre of new trends in Europe and emerged around the international artists Nam June Paik and John Cage.
Totally in the spirit of the then free West, a new generation, supported by influential and independent institutions, explored the electronic image, television and new forms of distribution. Klaus vom Bruch entered into the consciousness of a new art history with his first video tapes that pursued the communication of art, instead of the possession of the art object.
– Sassa Trülzsch

Exhibitions at Klosterfelde Edition:
Klaus vom Bruch (November 2015 to February 2016)

| Works by: Klaus vom Bruch