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Little and Large Editions invited by Klosterfelde Edition

February 22 to March 23, 2019
Potsdamer Strasse 97, 10785 Berlin

„Previously I have made a left ear from bronze.
Now I have made a right ear from bronze.
I seemed wrong not to make the right ear.
So now I have made it.
And everything is as it should be.“
– David Shrigley

On the occasion of the piece ‘Right Ear made from Bronze’, 2019 by David Shrigley, Klosterfelde Edition invited Little & Large Editions, founded by Jonathan Monk and Douglas Gordon.

The exhibition shows artworks by Jonathan Monk, Douglas Gordon, Ceal Floyer, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Katharina Kiebacher, Flokim Lucas, Scott Myles, Martin Boyce, John Baldessari, Christian Burnoski, Dan Rees, Bernhard Schreiner, Liam Gillick, Tobias Kaspar, Ariel Schlesinger, Dave Allen, Piero Golia and the Art Critics Orchestra with Peter Weibel, Tom Wesselman, Lawrence Weiner and Peter Gordon.

David Shrigley also has created a handsome poster that can be acquired both signed and unsigned.

Please contact us for further information.