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No Hard Feelings

Feb 10 to April 15, 2023
Potsdamer Str. 97, 10785 Berlin

The exhibition title is based on a song by the Avett Brothers. In it, the musicians meditate on a state shortly before the end of life. It describes the moment of forgiveness. Being able to say at the end and without bitterness, no hard feelings. Motifs of letting go and self-healing run through the exhibition, branching out and being picked up in different ways.

Jorinde Voigt’s drawings Both Sides Now (2017) show the place where on suspects one’s heart to be and a state of being affected. Freely drawn lines suggest a movement, a process of repair and attention. The series shows different stages of this process. The title of the work, taken from Joni Mitchell’s Both Sides Now, accompanies an attitude of acceptance of the now and its challenges.

Anonymous Beast on Alcohol (1993) shows the smashed windows of the Anders Tornberg Gallery in Lund, on the Morning of the opening of an exhibition by Rosemarie Trockel. Instead of broken glass, Trockel saw spider webs. The state of destruction was transformed, the spider webs were the starting point for her work What it is like to be what you are not, published in the same year by Klosterfelde Edition.

Similarly, and yet differently, the motif of letting go runs through Daniel Spoerri’s assemblage Erst letzt das erste (2009-2010); assembled from objects found on Paris flea markets. Asked about the work, Spoerri said, “They’re conglomerations of objects that I’m only now daring to put together because the courage to say these last things should be rising right now as time is running out.”