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Berliner Kästen 1-6, 2022

Klotzek repeatedly approaches the urban body in different ways. It is the city in which he grew up and on whose surface the political-historical upheavals still appear so clearly today. In the form of chains of pictorial associations, Klotzek guides us through Berlin in the 1990s in his “Berliner Kästen” on the basis of photographic insights he made as a teenager. In addition to graffiti-covered firewalls, abandoned sculptures, yawning façades and tin shutters that have been lowered, the prints point above all to the wandering youth who approaches the city by walking and observing it and tries to capture the traces of his surroundings in images.

Berliner Kästen 1-6, 2022

Each paper, photographs, steel and glass
54 x 104 x 3 cm
Signed and dated on label

Berliner Kasten 1 (Im Schatten der “Großen Liegenden”), 2022

Berliner Kasten 2 (Heiliger, Seddin), 2022

Berliner Kasten 3 (Drama, CBS), 2022

Berliner Kasten 4 (Hinterhof), 2022

Berliner Kasten 5 (Reinhardtstraße), 2022

Berliner Kasten 6 (Reinhardtstraße, Schloss-Center), 2022

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