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Continuouslessness Travel Edition, 2021

This edition is the miniature version of Continuouslessness, which began in 2011, with three delicately made panels that radiate an exuberant joy in ornamentation. Kasia Fudakowski found the inspiration for these works in Poland, the country of her grandparents. Traditionally people have gathered scraps left behind by the metal industry and according to their own creative designs, used them to build gates to their properties. The uniqueness of each gate follows the principle of bricolage, as they are made by tinkering together found pieces of industrial waste. From the endless possibilities within this set of limitations grew the ongoing series Continuouslessness. So far, Fudakowski has included a wide variety of observations into her mostly rollable metal frames; a space between drawing, design, object art, installation. Some gates are dedicated to gender issues and the role of women, migration or even experiences during the pandemic. All 43 miniature panels to date were printed in translucent on plexiglass and meticulously hand glued. Each miniature gate is accompanied by a card that features information about the work and a short text, sometimes explanatory, sometimes associative. Personal observation, humour, warm irony, associative “wild thinking” with a conceptual framework – all this is part of Fudakowski’s creative vocabulary, visual artist as well as author.

Text excerpt by Tarika Johar and Michael Stockhausen
Translation by Teun Verheij

This edition is part of the exhibition Continuouslessness Travel Edition.

Continuouslessness Travel Edition, 2021

43 x UV direct prints on plexiglass, magnets, steel bars
Including publication designed by Bernd Grether and custom made wooden box.
Panels, dimensions vary between: 31 x 6,7 cm – 31 x 27,3 cm
Box: 35 x 68,5 x 33 cm
Signed, numbered and dated on certificate
Edition of 20
Editions 1-5 complete sets including box, editions 6-20 individually available.

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