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Nr. 046, Marla Timpe, Korbsessel, 1966

“In the mid-1960s, Marla Timpe transferred the design elements of the comic to her furniture designs. Furniture elements, that could only be imagined before emerge and bring with them new static challenges. Marla Timpe copes with this in a playful and tricky way. Room objects are created in an appealingly loud style and a new humorous character. Like many female furniture designers from this time, she later worked as an illustrator.”

“Nr. 046, Marla Timpe, Korbsessel, 1966” is part of Polzin’s fictional design history.

Nr. 046, Marla Timpe, Korbsessel, 1966

Basketwork, wood, fabric
90 x 48 x 100 cm
Signed and dated

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