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Nr. 085, Exilkollektiv, Sitzstachel, 1980

“The exile collective consisted of 4 former East German women, who had managed to flee together from Weimar to the FRG. Feared for their criticism of everything capitalist, they repeatedly buttoned themselves up to successful designers and their designs and thus got involved in the public design discourse in the FRG with intelligent alternative suggestions. Their suggestions regularly twisted the superlatives: they were not concerned with the lightest, cheapest and most comfortable furniture, but rather with the heaviest, most uncomfortable and unbearable. Her sitting sting was an expressly hostile invitation to sit and, even in the exhibition, regularly injured the unbelieving visitors.”

“Nr. 085, Exilkollektiv, Sitzstachel, 1980” is part of Polzin’s fictional design history.

Nr. 085, Exilkollektiv, Sitzstachel, 1980

Stainless steel
77 x 60 x 74 cm
Signed, numbered and dated
Series of 3

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