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Nr. 102, Exilkollektiv, Tischstuhlset, 1983

“Immediately after its appearance, the table-chair set became a popular wall object and opened up new possibilities for discussing design as a conversation piece. Never before has a furniture group been more seductive to sit down and disappointed all the more. Is a chair just a chair when you can sit on it? The scarce high chair by Georg Begang from 1973 is considered to be the predecessor of this idea.”

“Nr. 102, Exilkollektiv, Tischstuhlset, 1983” is part of Polzin’s fictional design history.

Nr. 102, Exilkollektiv, Tischstuhlset, 1983

Chromed copper pipe, plate
91 x 106 x 2 cm
Signed, numbered and dated
Series of 3

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