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Nr. 113, Adile Önal, Standart 208, 1985

“In her design creation, Adile Önal dedicates herself to traditional German furniture forms with respect. She does this by changing them very sensitively, albeit partly through brutal interventions. With ‘Standard 208’, for example, three outer sides of the farmer’s chair were industrially planed, leaving the inner turned elements.She confidently understands the tradition and culture, that she should embrace as an immigrant, but not necessarily. It overtakes them and adds subtle moments, that skillfully insert something new into the old structures. In this way, something previously unspecific and lost in everyday life is brought out anew and introduced into the debate. A kind of self-confident ‘integration’ is created in the form of furniture. Her works are an extremely important contribution to West German culture and once again show how important external cultural influences are.”

“Nr. 113, Adile Önal, Standart 208, 1985” is part of Polzin’s fictional design history.

Nr. 113, Adile Önal, Standart 208, 1985

Wood, vinyl cover
90 x 40 x 44 cm
Signed and dated

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