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Wartenberger Panels, 2023

In his works, Wilhelm Klotzek approaches the urban body in different ways. The artist performs another variation of the approach in Wartenberger Panels (2023). In short texts, he tells of the hidden art on buildings and of its rediscovery on Berlin’s Alexanderplatz. Analogies emerge between varicose veins and representations of history in the pictorial worlds of the painter Adolph Menzel. These narratives are paired with photographs of the interior life of an apartment. Provisional arrangements of unsorted piles of books or a kettle on the gas stove meet observations of Berlin’s urban space.

Wartenberger Panels, 2023

C-Print with screen-printed passepartout
Framed with museum glass
86.5 x 61.5 cm
Signed and dated on the back

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Wartenberger Panel (Cellophane Bags from Angermünde), 2023

Wartenberger Panel (Squirrels of Berlin), 2023

Wartenberger Panel (Blockbusters in Ice Creameries), 2023

Wartenberger Panel (Discount Supermarket Workers), 2023

Wartenberger Panel (Lazy Fruit), 2023