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Jorinde Voigt

Prototypes and Multiples

April 27 to July 13, 2019
Potsdamer Str. 97, 10785 Berlin

What happens when art drops out of the frame? When art suddenly occupies the room and offers a tactile experience?
Jorinde Voigt has long been searching for a way to transport the moving world of her drawings into the real space.

Now there is About Stability and Soft Sculpture. Dark tables made of wood, which transfer the familiar forms from her drawings, the rotational movements and their disturbances into the three dimensions; and geometric cushions, as colourful as a bunch of flowers, which can be used as anything: A room divider, sitting area, guest bed, play area, sofa. There are no instructions and there is no right or wrong. The sculptures offer an invitation rarely expressed in art: Come on, let’s play.

Voigt says that in these new works, she wants to dissolve the devotional attitude to art and create a space that allows for an expanded approach to perception. On paper she has created this space for years, where she tries to make the seemingly invisible visible. Her intention: She wants us to look, to be attentive. She wants us to see that this world – metaphorically as well as physically – is much larger and more dynamic than we admit. (Of course, this world also includes ourselves and our own mobility).

Voigt calls this: „Apprehending in the sense of comprehending”. This is where her philosophical background is articualted. In addition to their beauty, her works pose the profound questions of human and social coexistence: What is freedom? How does culture shape us in everyday life, in love, as men and women? Who occupies what space? Where do you end and where do I start?

The exhibition at Klosterfelde Edition is an act of liberation and a renewed attempt to balance thinking and feeling. Voigt offers herself and us a new place to retreat and a new horizon. It is a daring and generous undertaking, because it also depends on the engagement of the viewer. But escape can only succeed according to Voigt, if „we bring our own apparatus into another mode”. Who can succeed in that? The new editions include two mind-expanding works: CBD honey (Eat Me) and a wine (Drink Me) from Florence. Possibly made for those, whom growing up brought to an actual standstill.

Voigt’s answer to the question of what happens when art escapes the frame: It starts to breathe.

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