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Wilhelm Klotzek

* 1980 in East Berlin, Germany
He lives and works in Berlin, Germany

Wilhelm Klotzek is best known for his sculptures, videos, and performances, interspersed with sound poetry and word jugglings, in which he takes up everyday cultural or even political-historical phenomena. (Bettina Klein) In recent years, he has dealt more and more with imaginary events and practices. These fantastic events are often borrowed from real existing conditions. With almost childlike zeal, Klotzek plays scenarios such as Berlin’s architectural policy (“The Architectural Trio”, 2012) or the market of the German art book trade (“The Art Bookstore” 2020) in a completely exaggerated form, thereby creating a surprising visibility and relentless analysis of existing value relationships in our society.
His works have been on display at Schloss Derneburg, Schloss Bellevue, Galerie Tobias Nähring Leipzig and Berlin, Institut für Kunst und Kontext Berlin, Bibliothek der Gemäldegalerie Berlin, Memphis in Linz and ifa-gallery Berlin, among others.

Exhibitions at Klosterfelde Edition:
M.v.d.R. (Fahrscheinkontrolle) (August 2021)
Katzen & Architektur (September to November 2020)
Art Berlin 2018 (September 2018)

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| Works by: Wilhelm Klotzek